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Hurdy Gurdy Kit

Hurdy Gurdy Kit


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***There is a 5 week wait-time for the instrument to ship from the craftsman's workshop, after ordering.***

Hurdy Gurdy Kit

Like the sound of a bagpipe? With a hurdy gurdy you can get the same sound without using up all your breath. Just turn the crank to activate the rosin-coated wheel which vibrates the strings. Then push the keys with your other hand to play melodies. It's a fascinating invention with a rich history from sixteenth century Europe

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This is a patience-testing project because of all the small parts, but it is well worth the time and effort. A satisfying masterpiece of beautiful woods for the craftsperson who enjoys detail work.

What's Included:
  • All pre-cut wood parts
  • All musical hardware and strings
  • Rosettes for peghead

Hurdy Gurdy Kit

Item Hurdy Gurdy Kit
Strings 4 strings
Tuning diatonic, 12 buttons
Weight 5.75 pounds
Overall Length 28"
Width 13"
Soundboard Solid mahogany
Sides, back, and peghead Walnut
Warranty Musicmakers Warranty

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