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Remo Bongos, 5" & 6", Rain Forest

Remo Bongos, 5" & 6", Rain Forest


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The Kid's Percussion Bongo comes pre-tuned with our popular Fiberskyn 3 drumhead. The bongos are an important part of the Afro-Cuban family of rhythm instruments. A set of bongos is made of two drums, a smaller diameter drum gives a higher pitch and the larger diameter drum gives the lower pitch. The set is 7 inches tall and 12 inches long, the smaller head has a 5 inch diameter and the large head has a 6 inch diameter. The set is normally held between the player's knees so the bottoms of the drums are off the floor. Play infinite patterns of rhythms with the fingertips. Alternate between the small and large drum and between the rim and center of the heads. This drum features an ACOSTICON T body for ease of cleaning and years of durable play. Ages 3+

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