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Lark in the Morning

Mountain Banjo 5-string fretless, Completed 27" scale

Mountain Banjo 5-string fretless, Completed 27" scale


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The Mountain Banjo is a true American Folk instrument. According to John Rice Irwin the traditional 5-string banjo appears to have been developed near Appomattox, Virginia by Joel Walker Sweeney sometime near 1810. He called it a "banjar."

Our banjos are made out of solid Cherry wood, with a lovely contrasting hardwood veneer on the fretboard and peghead. Our wooden rim is constructed of 3 thicknesses of 3/4 inch wood, for strength. A stretched goat skin pot is inserted for that "just right" obnoxious twang, so necessary to banjos.

A beginner instrument that has a sweet soft tone but is a funky, folky instrument.

Our fretless banjo has 5 nylon strings, and a 27-inch fret scale.

This banjo will ship directly from the maker to our domestic customers. International orders will ship to our warehouse to prep for final shipping to the customer. Since it is made to order and will take 6-12 weeks from the time the order is placed to ship.

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