Banjos Mountain Banjo Kit, 5 String fretted 27" scale

Modest skill for these, about 10 hours to build, the neck to the body needs to be glued, the head stock needs to be glued, needs sanding, tools needed are coping saw, sanders electric drill etc. Neck: Cherry, Ring: Cherry, Finger board: Wenge or Padouk or East Indian Rosewood (exotic hardwoods, various), Steel (fretted), Comes with two bridges (summer and winter) 27" scale length. 10" wood rim, 6" skin head. Goatskin head. Geared metal tuners (covered).

A beginner instrument that is easy to assemble and has a sweet soft tone but is a funky, folky instrument.

This banjo will ship directly from the maker to our domestic customers. International orders will ship to our warehouse to prep for final shipping to the customer. Since it is made to order and will take 6-12 weeks from the time the order is placed to ship.

Mountain Banjo Kit, 5 String fretted 27" scale

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