Hurdy Gurdies Hurdy Gurdy Kit, Completed
We may either have available Round or F-shaped soundholes. 4 strings, 12 keys Woods: Solid Mahogany Top, Walnut keychest & peghead, laminated walnut sides & back Dimensions: 28" long,13" wide Amaze your friends with the mechanical operation of the Hurdy Gurdy. Like the sound of a bagpipe? Buy a hurdy gurdy and you can get the same sound without using up all your breath. Just turn the crank to activate the rosin-coated wheel which vibrates the strings. Then push the keys with your other hand to play melodies. It's a fascinating invention with a rich history from sixteenth century Europe. This model is fairly unrefined in its sound.

Sound Sample

Hurdy Gurdy Kit, Completed

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