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Lucida Guitarron, Natural Finish

Lucida Guitarron, Natural Finish


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Model: LG-GR1 Lucida Guitarron

The guitarron is considered to be the heartbeat of modern mariachi because of its soulful tone and romantic energy. With traditional Mexico-made guitarron strings, this round-bodied instrument features a nato top and neck, a spruce bridge, decorative wood body binding and elephant ear tuners.

  • Nato Top
  • Nato Back, Sides & Neck
  • Classic Rounded Back
  • Elephant Ear Tuning Machines
  • Herringbone Purfling
  • Inlaid Rosette
  • Authentic Mexican Mariachi Strings
  • Includes Carrying Bag

Tuning: ADGCEA (high A is an octave lower than you would expect).

  • #1-"A" same pitch as A or 5th string on guitar
  • #2-"E" is a 5th above #1 "A"
  • #3-"C" is a major 3rd below the #2 "E"
  • #4-"G" is a perfect 4th below the #3 "C"
  • #5-"D" is a perfect 4th below the #4 "G"
  • #6-"A" is a perfect 4th below the #5 "D"
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