Native American Drums 9"x 12" Pueblo Drum
Every drum is handmade from natural materials and renewable resources over a year-long process. Drum frames are created from wood native to Northern New Mexico - cottonwood, aspen or pine. Logs are stripped of bark, hollowed out, cut into sections, then stored in a warehouse and slowly dried to prevent cracking. Dried wood is later leveled and sanded.

Drum heads are made from cow hides that have been thoroughly cleaned and scraped to maintain the highest level of sound, appearance and durability. After soaking the rawhide to make it pliable, the hide is hand-scalloped, stretched and secured with rawhide lacing to the frame.

Each completed drum will have its own distinct voice. The type of wood, the depth and diameter of the frame, the thickness and tightness of the hide, the thickness of the walls, temperature and humidity - all affect the tone. 9"x12".

9"x 12" Pueblo Drum

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