Picks Pos-a-Grip  0.75mm Pick

Read what Barry Cleveland from "Guitar Player Magazine" said about the Pickboy Pos-a-Grip Picks: "I was walking the floor at the Summer NAMM show, when I came upon a fellow purveying picks, straps, and other accessories. He offered me a handful of sample picks unlike any I'd seen before and I've seen a few which I quickly pocketed before moving on to the next booth. While experimenting with them later, I found one pick in particular to be right up my alley: the black Pickboy Pos-A-Grip Medium. It had just the right degree of stiffness for strumming and playing single notes, the finish had a smoothness that produced a fat and warm sound against both acoustic and electric strings, and best of all it had perforations that made it easy to hold on to, even when my fingers perspired. I was hooked. Pickboy Pos-A-Grip picks Pros Holes in surface provide traction. Cons None."

Pos-a-Grip 0.75mm Pick

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