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Renaissance Recorder, Garklein C'''

Renaissance Recorder, Garklein C'''


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The series of drawings from 'Syntagma Musicum' by Michael Praetorius were the inpiration for these instruments.

Their inside bore are wide and largely cylindrical but with a slight taper at the bell are are based on quite a number of original instruments preserved in various museums and private collections.

The design of the inside bore produces a very strong tone which characterizes all renaissance recorders.

The 'Renaissance' model recorders are made of stained moutain maple and are treated in oil bath.

The workmanship respects the historical craftmanship practices and produces instruments that are resembling renaissance recorders inside and out.

Great as consort instruments. The recorders have excellent intonation over a full two octave range. a:440

Comes in a cardboard box.
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