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Redwood Didgeridoo by Matt Merwin

Redwood Didgeridoo by Matt Merwin


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As a relatively high note drone, F#, this didge is fast and snarly. It can play at smokin' speeds and huge volumes, yet still at home playing soft and sweet. With the color changes and grain of the different layers of the Redwood tree, it literally looks and plays like toffee.

Redwood is a lighter soft wood, so you get a larger didge that weighs in at 6 pounds. The first trumpet is under the octave at F, making it very accessible. The second trumpet at C is quite usable, and with practice and some familiar time, the third can be found while playing.

The extra large bell on a slender sound column bequeaths this didge with tremendously big overblow qualities. When blown hard, the sound goes total earthquake with just 30 cents of tone change. It's like it begs to be overblown.

The backpressure is medium high, and the air column so controllable that it is one of the clearest sounds and supports talking while droning, the ultimate ventriloquist didge.

Please note that there are some paint scuffs on the finish of this didge. They probably could be professionally buffed out. The Price reflects this condition already.

Sound sample


Here are Steve's ratings, on a scale of 1 - 10:

Ease of trumpet tones:  6
Backpressure:  7
Supports drop jaw:  3
Overall power:  9
Supports overblow:  8
Internal air space match up for sound column vs resonant chamber vs bell:  9
Ease of producing ring tone:  5
Overall quality of sound:  8



Wood Redwood
Year built 2006
Drone tone key F#
Trumpet Overtones:
 - 1st F
 - 2nd C
 - 3rd F


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