Drums - Other Roosebeck Sheesham Cajon

Roosebeck Sheesham Cajon. The top, bottom, sides and back of this box shaped drum are made of a light weight plywood with an attractive sheesham veneer. The front is thin Baltic Birch Plywood which acts as the striking surface. The thin metal snares are about 6 inches long and are attached to 2 anchors on a tuning rod. The adjusting knob can make the snares touch the front or be free to sway. The circular soundhole on the back is a 5 inch opening. The playing surface is not restricted to the 19.25" X 12.25" front; it can be played on multiple sides. Play with your hands and fingers, or with mallets and beaters. There are 4 rubber feet on the bottom.

Roosebeck Sheesham Cajon