Rub Boards 1 Rub Boards,  Galvanized with Church Keys & DVD - Package
Overall dimensions: 18-1/2" x 10-1/2". These are 26 Gauge metal, bent to be worn on the shoulders, comes with "church keys" for playing. Included Jemmy Bluestein's Rub Board or Scrubboard DVD starts basic enough for the total beginner, but is challenging enough for the experienced percussionist. Included are: background information, basic rhythm concepts, identifying downbeat and backbeat, playing downbeat and backbeat in opposition with backbeat accent, basic zydeco rhythm (running 16th notes, right hand), double-backbeat rhythm, double-skip downbeat, syncopated downbeat, polyrhythms, waltz time (3/4), suggestions on style and musical sensitivity. Features: zydeco band soundtrack, practice sessions, consisting of musical selections performed by Bad Boys Zydeco with simultaneously guided scrubboard instruction covering all lessons.

Filmed in the 1980s.

1 Rub Boards, Galvanized with Church Keys & DVD - Package

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