Guitarrone (used)

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Mexican 6-string bass guitar, mahogany body, fretless, cedar top, geared tuners, nylon strings.

Tuning: ADGCEA (high A is an octave lower than you would expect)

#1 "A" same pitch as A or 5th string on guitar

#2 "E" is a 5th above #1 "A"

#3 "C" is a major 3rd below the #2 "E"

#4 "G" is a perfect 4th below #3 "C"

#5 "D" is a perfect 4th below #4 "G"

#6 "A" is a perfect 4th below #5 "D"

Weighs about 4 pounds. Measures approx. 42-1/2" tall x 18-3/4" wide x 11 to 13-1/2" at the deepest (Size and weight vary according to stock). Let the strings stretch a day or so, then tune again. Scale length- 261/4'

Dent on face. Missing tuning pegs on left side of peghead, and one string, but includes new complete string set. Otherwise in great condition!


Ships via UPS. Case sold separately (GUI027C). Replacement strings: item# MIS005.


(was gui027)

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