Shakuhachi Shakuhachi, Good Student with binding 1.8

Meditation Shakuhachi are designed as a good quality, beautiful flute for meditative playing as well as for hobby and beginning players of the instrument. Carefully tuned to the traditional Japanese minor pentatonic scale, A440 Hz.

Both ends of this natural bore flute are polished to a fine sheen and the whole instrument is finished with pure Tung oil/ Citrus oil blend for increased bamboo stability.

Meditation Shakuhachi weigh only about 4 to 8 ounces, easy for most to hold for extended periods of time.

Made from Makino bamboo (Phyllostachys makinoi) that was grown in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

1.8 Shakuhachi Flute, 1.8 key of D, Meditation model, Bindings

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