Singing Bowls Large Singing Bowl
These Tibetan singing bowls are old, some over 100 years old. There are several different styles of singing bowls. These are from Orissa and are deeper than the shallower Assam bowls which are more common. This deepness seems to correlate with an especially long sustain and ease of play.

Tibetan singing bowls produce a beautiful, complex tone, full of harmonics and overtones, when struck or rubbed with a stick. Many people find them very helpful for meditation, and some practitioners use them for sound healing.

These bowls are traditionally struck to produce a complex and beautiful sound aiding meditation, or are filled with water, rice or flowers as offerings to the deities. When circled with a playing stick, singing bowls "hum" in a voice full of wonderful harmonics and overtones. They are made from a mixture of 5-7 metals, hand-turned on a lathe, then hammered to the desired hardness and pitch. Legend has it that as the bowl is made, mantras (prayers) are recited and absorbed into the metals, to be released when the bowl is played. With playing stick.

Large Singing Bowl

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