Music Stands Fermata Operated LED Music Light
Until now, battery operated lights had a fundamental limitation. The amount of light produced grows dimmer as time goes on. The drop in light after only a few hours is often >50%. The new Fermata solves that problem dramatically. Even after it has been on for hours, it produces virtually the same amount of light as when it was turned on. STARTS BRIGHT, STAYS BRIGHT! Maintains initial brightness as batteries drain, STARTS BRIGHT, STAYS BRIGHT!
High, Medium and Low power levels let the user choose brightest light vs. longest playing time
Coverage of two pages rated "excellent" or "very good" by most initial users, with no glare or "hot spots"
Small, compact lamp head doesn't obstruct view of conductor or player
Flexible gooseneck allows for fast and easy positioning
Fits and holds firmly on wire folding and orchestra stands as well as on a piano rack

The Bottom Line - The new Fermata is a high brightness, battery operated music light, with the added bonus of maintaining that brightness: even at the Low power setting, Fermata produces as much light as our Super GigLight, and the High setting is over 50% brighter -- and whatever setting you choose, it HOLDS THE LIGHT! Fermata, STARTS BRIGHT, STAYS BRIGHT!

Fermata Operated LED Music Light