Tingsha 2.8-Inch Tingsha With Raised Buddhist Symbols
Traditionally, these miniature cymbals are struck to call "hungry ghosts" to accept offerings. By relieving their hunger and making an offering, their suffering is diminished and only when all suffering is eliminated can enlightenment be achieved. Tingsha have exceptional resonance and sound, excellent for musical accents, healing or spiritual practice, 2.8"

These Tibetan meditation tingsha bells are embossed with the eight auspicious Buddhist symbols:

The parasol protecting against evil
The banner of victory of Buddha's teachings
The conch shell of good luck
The endless knot of eternal love
The water vessel of abundance
The two fish of salvation and fecundity
The lotus of purity and beauty
The Buddhist Wheel of the Law

These meditation bells are hand cast and polished by master Tibetan craftsmen living in Northern India, in accordance with fair trade principles.

2.8-Inch Tingsha With Raised Buddhist Symbols

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