Tingsha Tingsha, Buddhist Symbols 2.5"

Traditionally, these miniature cymbals are struck to call "hungry ghosts" to accept offerings. By relieving their hunger and making an offering, their suffering is diminished and only when all suffering is eliminated can enlightenment be achieved. Tingsha have exceptional resonance and sound, excellent for musical accents, healing or spiritual practice, 2.8".

These Tibetan Buddhist tingsha (dingsha, tingshaw),for use in meditation, yoga, feng shui or on other ceremonial or ritual occasions, are decorated with two dragons.

Dragons in Tibetan art are often indistinguishable from nagas, or serpents, which appear in both Hindu mythology and northern Buddhism. Naga/dragons are of four main kinds:

Celestial, guarding the mansions of the gods
Aerial, causing winds and rain to benefit human beings
Earthly, marking the courses of rivers and streams
Guardians of hidden treasures

Tibetan dragons often hold a jewel in each of their clawed feet, performing the traditional function as guardians of wealth, spiritual as well as physical.

Tingsha, Buddhist Symbols 2.5"