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Coconut Maracas (Pair)

Coconut Maracas (Pair)


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Maracas aren’t just for Latin and Caribbean music or Hawaiian luaus anymore. Mainstream musicians and percussionists have also discovered the sounds that are unique to the maracas and how maracas can amp up their musicality with a bit of cross-cultural flavor and flair.

Each pair of maracas is beautifully crafted from real coconut shells on wooden handles and filled with freeform beads that rattle randomly around inside to create an optimal sound in all musical genres. Long wooden handles make the maracas easy to grip in one hand while you play and perform.

Just sweep them up in your hand and shake out some warm accents and great sounds either in an acoustic setting or in the accompaniment of other instruments. Because these maracas are made with natural coconut shells collected from here and there, you should expect that the size, shape, markings and color will vary slightly from one maraca to the next. It’s this uniqueness that ensures each pair of maracas has its own special character and one-of-a-kind look. Maracas measure approximately 11"L x 4"W.

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