Lark in The Morning Free Music Library

Lark in The Morning Free Music Library

On this page you will find many tune books that you can download PDFs for free.

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Richard Geisler Dance & Tunebooks

Richard Geisler was an innovator, he formed new groups, found venues for performing, rearranged music to suit the ensembles. He was a good player of recorder and other instruments and was very encouraging to anyone who expressed an interest in playing. He was involved the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Sacramento Recorder Society was founded in the 80 s with Richard as an enthusiastic supporter and director.

He started the Village and Early Music workshop open to all, instrumental and voice, who loved and wanted to perform early music. Richard was also a prolific arranger. His arrangements of Christmas music, eastern European folk music, and vintage popular songs amused, challenged, and enchanted recorder players. His creative talent for music selection and arrangement was nothing short of amazing. Over the years, under the name of Village & Early Music Society he developed an extensive catalog of self published arrangements of folk, traditional, popular and even classical music for recorders and other instruments, infused with love, sentimentality and humor.

We at Lark In The Morning are honored to be able to share his work with you all at no charge. You can download his full tunebooks from this page with the permission of his wife Karen who wants to make sure that his work will keep being shared with musicians everywhere.

The International Collection
Music and lyrics to 55 favorite folkdances from Armenia, the British Isles, Yugoslavia, Bolivia and many other countries. PDF Download

60 pages; 40 dance melodies from the Balkans, including Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Macedonia and Croatia. Tunes include Dobra Nevesto, Ugriciniska Ruchenitsa, Zupcanska, Itele, Ciocarlanul, Karagouna, Zonaradis, Pelistersko, Cules Mala, etc. With complete scores, special performance notes, etc. PDF Download

The Bulgarian Collection
Music & Lyrics to 35 Favorite Folkdances. PDF Download

Yugoslav Collection
Music and lyrics to 40 folkdances from Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. Great music! PDF Download

The Europe Collection
Music scores for 35 Folk Dances and Songs from Austria, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. PDF Download

British Isles & Scandinavia Collection
Music scores for 35 Folk Dances and Songs from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden PDF Download

Village Dance Syllabi
Instructions for 23 dances from around the World: all the dances from the book "Village Dance Music From Around the World" See other Geisler book for melodies. PDF Download

Cecil Sharp English Country Dance Tunebooks

Cecil Sharp's original piano arrangements of English country dance and Morris tunes from Playford's The English Dancing Master. Also included are Sharp's "Notes To Musicians". We have scanned into PDF format original editions of Cecil Sharp's publications printed in 1912. Some tunes may be in keys other than what is currently popular.


Country Dance Tunes

PDF Set 1
1. Brighton Camp
2. Galopede
3. The Ribbon Dance
4. The Butterfly
5. We Won't Go Home
6. Speed The Plough
7. Pop Goes The Weasle
8. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
9. Over The Hills To Glory

PDF Set 2
1. Nancy's Fancy
2. Bonnets So Blue
3. The Triumph
4. Step And Fetch Her or Follow Your Lovers
5. Haste To The Wedding
6. Hunt The Squirrel
7. Tink-A-Tink
8. Three Meet or The Pleasures Of The Town
9. The Bonny Breast Knot

PDF Set 3
1. Jenny Pluck Pears
2. Putney Ferry
3. Mage On A Cree
4. The Fine Companion
5. Newcastle
6. Gathering Peascods
7. Oranges and Lemons
8. Dull SIr John
9. Rufty Tufty
10. Parsons's Farewell
11. The Glory Of The West
12. Saint Martin's
13. Hey, Boys, Up Go We
14. Grimstock
15. The Beggar Boy

PDF Set 4
1. Chestnut or Dove's Figary
2. The Black Nag
3. Cheerily and Merrily
4. Ten Pound Lass
5. Nonesuch or A La Mode De France
6. Dargason or Sedany
7. Goddesses
8. New Bo-Peep or Pickadilla
9. Staines Morris
10 Amarillis
11. Black Jack
12. Jamaica
13. My Lady Cullen
14. London Is A Fine Town or Watton Town's End
15. The Twenty Ninth Of May

PDF Set 5
1. Catching Of Quails
2. If All The World Were Paper
3. Up Tails All
4. Winifred's Rent or Open The Door To Three
5. Chelsea Reach
6. Fain I Would
7. Hyde Park
8. Hundson House
9. Althea
10. Argeers
11. Lady In The Dark
12. The Merry Conceit
13. Adson's Saraband
14. Confess
15. Maiden Lane
16. The Old Mole
17. Shepherd's Holiday or Labour In Vain
18. Upon A Summer's Day

PDF Set 6
1. Broom, The Bonny, Bonny Broom
2. Lady Spellor
3. Lord Of Carnarvon's Jig
4. Lull Me Beyond Thee
5. The Merry, Merry Milkmaids
6. The Phoenix
7. Spring Garden
8. Bobbing Joe
9. Catching Of Fleas
10. The Friar And The Nun
11. The Irish Lady or Anissed Water Robin
12. Irish Trot
13. The New Figary
14. Row Well Ye Mariners
15. Sweet Kate
16. Touch And Take

PDF Set 7
1. Put On Thy Smock On Monday
2. The Gelding Of The Devil
3. Oaken Leaves
4. Sellenger's Round or The Beginning Of The World
5. Heartsease
6. It And Miss
7. The Boatman
8. The Whirlgig
9. Picking Up Sticks
10. Scotch Cap
11. Greenwood
12. Step Stately
13. Aye Me or The Symphony
14. Prince Rupert's March
15. The Health or The Merry Wassail
16. Halfe Hannikin
17. The Collier's Daughter or The Duke Of Rutlands' Delight
18. Up Goes Ely
19. Every Lad His Lass
20. Epsom New Wells
21. My Lady's Courant
22. Orleans Baffled

PDF Set 8
1. A Trip To Kilburn
2. My Lady Winwood's Maggot
3. The Maiden's Blush
4. Jenny, Come Tie My Cravat
5. Mr. Issac's Maggot
6. The Fit's Come On Me Now
7. The Coronation Day
8. Lady Banbury's Hornpipe
9. Christchurch Bells
10. The Whim
11. Love Lies A-bleeding
12. Jacob Hall's Jig
13. The Temple Change
14. The Mary And Dorothy
15. Jog On
16. The Mock Hobby Horse
17. Juice Of Barley
18. Maids' Morris
19. Lilli Burlero
20. Pool's Hole
21. King Of Poland

PDF Set 9
1. Barrack Hill
2. Irish Reel
3. Johhy McGill
4. Bung Your Eye
5. Irish Jig
6. The Goose Berry Blossoms
7. The Banks Of Allan
8. Gramachree Is A Sup Of Good Drink
9. Good-night, Good-night, And Joy Be With You
10. Irish Jig
11. Melancholy Martin
12. Morpeth Lasses
13. Footy Agyen The Wa'
14. Take Her Out And Air Her
15. Killiecrankie

PDF Set 10
1. Rose Is White And Rose Is Red
2. Peppers Black
3. Mill-Field
4. Sage Leaf
5. Mundesse
6. Epping Forest
7. The Maid In The Moon
8. Dissembling Love or The Lost Heart
9. The Night Piece
10. Jack A Lent
11. The Whish
12. Mall Peatly
13. The Shepherd's Delight
14. The Slip
15. The Mulberry Garden
16. Saturday Night And Sunday Morn
17. The Maid Peeped Out At The Window or The Friar In The Well
18. Drive The Cold Winter Away
19. Mad Robin
20. Never Love Thee More
21. Slaughter House
22. The Siege Of Limerick
23. The Britains
24. Mr. Englefield's New Hornpipe
25. Fourpence Half-Penny Farthing or The Jockey

PDF Set 11
1. From Aberdeen
2. My Lord Byron's Maggot
3. Childgrove
4. Portsmouth
5. The Queen's Jig
6. Indian Queen
7. The Princess
8. Crosbey-Square
9. The Round
10. Greenwich Park
11. The Jack's Farewell
12. Sion House
13. Bury Fair
14. The Queen's Birthday
15. Dick's Maggot
16. Jack's Maggot
17. The Country Farmer
18. My Lady Foster's Delight
19. Apley House
20. Old Noll's Jig
21. Fy, Nay, Prithee John
22. Up With Aily
23. Nowill Hills or Love Neglected
24. Hunt The Squirrel
25. Round O
26. Mr. Beveridge's Maggot

Morris Dance Tunes

PDF Set 1
1. Bean Setting
2. Laudnum Bunches
3. Country Gardens
4. Constant Billy
5. Trunkles
6. Rigs O' Marlow
7. How D'Ye Do?
8. Tideswell Processional Morris

PDF Set 2
1. Blue-eyed Stranger
2. The Maid Of The Mill
3. The Old Woman Tossed Up
4. Shepherds' Hey
5. The Cuckoo's Nest
6. The Black Joke
7. Tideswell Processional Morris

PDF Set 3
1. Getting Upstairs
2. Double Set Back
3. Haste To The Wedding
4. Hunting THe Squirrel
5. Rodney Stick
6. Headington Morris Reel
7. Jockie To The Fair
8. Old Mother Oxford
9. Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket

PDF Set 4
1. Shepherss' Hey
2. Bacca Pipes Jig
3. Constant Billy
4. Lada A Bunchum
5. Sweet Jenny Jones
6. The Buffoon
7. Black Joke

PDF Set 5
1. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
2. The Maid Of The Mill
3. The Maid Of The Mill
4. Bobbing Joe
5. Shepherd's Hey
6. Glorishears
7. Highland Mary
8. Constant Billy
9. Bonny Green Garters
10. Bonny Green Garters
11. Princess Royal
12. Lumps Of Plum Pudding
13. Fool's Jig
14. Bacca Pipes Jig

PDF Set 8
1. Heel And Toe
2. Bobby and Joan
3. Banks of the Dee
4. Dearest Dicky
5. Step Back
6. I'll Go And Enlist For A Sailor
7. Sherborne Jig
8. Princess Royal
9. None So Pretty

PDF Set 9
1. Old Black Joe
2. The Beaux Of London City
3. The Gallant Hussar
4. Trunkles
5. William And Nancy
6. Leap Frog
7. Lumps Of Plum Pudding
8. Ladies' Pleasure
9. Helston Furry Dance

PDF Set 10
1. Bonny Green
2. Room For The Cuckoo
3. The Queen's Delight
4. Saturday Night
5. Bonnets So Blue
6. Constant Billy
7. Shepherds' Hey
8. Leap Frog
9. Wyresdale Greensleeves Dance
10. Castletop Garland Dance

More to come when I have time. - Check back soon.

Special thanks to Hugh Stewart for providing Sets 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

Special thanks to Jon Berger for loan of his set of original Morris Dance Tune books.

Special thanks to Lisa Lynne for scanning.

Thanks to Alesea Messal for loan of her originals.

Mendocino English Country Dance Tunebook

Over 100 English country dance tunes in big note for easy reading.

Download Complete Tunebook


Mendocino English Country Dance Harmony Tunebook

Music played for the Mendocino English Country Dance arranged in 3 parts by David Brown with a few by Mickie Zekley

List Of Tunes
Auretti's Dutch Skipper C 6/8
Bar A Bar Dm 4/4
Black Nag Am 6/8
Buttered Peas D 4/4
Childgrove Em 2/4
Come Let s Be Merry D 3/4
Corelli's Maggot D 2/4
Draper s Garden - Margravine's Waltz G 3/4
Excuse Me Gm 6/8
Farewell To Marion Dm 3/4
Fiona s Folly D 3/4
Gathering Peascods G 4/4
Goddesses Am 4/4
Heart s Ease Gm 6/8
Hit And Miss (Daphne) Em 6/8
Hole In The Wall G 3/4
Hunt The Squirell - Geud Man Of Ballangigh A 6/8
I Care Not For These Ladies C 3/4
Jack's Health - Bolt The Door Am 6/8
Jamaica G 4/4
Jovial Beggars A 6/8
Juice Of Barley Am 6/8
Knole Park D 2/4
Long Odds A 2/4
Lord Foppington C 4/4
Lovely Nancy G 3/4
Mad Robin F 4/4
Marina Em 4/4
Mount Hills D 4/4
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot Gm 3/2
Mr Lane's Maggot - Weaver's Gallopede - Stanley Forever Dm 4/4
Mulberry Garden Dm 6/8
My Lord Byron's Maggot D 6/8
Never Love Thee More G 6/8
Newcastle G 4/4
Physical Snob G 9/8
Portsmouth G 4/4
Rafe's Waltz - Cutty Wren Am 3/4
Ragg D 6/8
Rufty Tufty D 4/4
Sir Roger De Coverly G 9/8
Spaniard G 6/8
Trip To Kilburn Black And Grey Am 4/4
Trip To Margate D 6/8
Trip To Paris Am 2/4
Trip To Tunbridge Em 2/4
Waltz For Corwin Em 3/4
Well Hall F 3/2
Wood Duck Am 3/4
Woodlands Walk Dm 6/8
Yellow Stockings Em 9/8
Download Complete Tunebook

Mickie & Elizabeth Original Tunes

Sheet music for some of Mickie & Elizabeth's (the founders of Lark In The Morning) original music. In PDF format.

All music copyright by Mickie & Elizabeth Zekley
Have fun playing our tunes!

The Almanac - Jig - Mickie Zekley MP3
The Angry Sea - Song Tune - Mickie Zekley MP3
The Bluebird - Jig - Elizabeth Zekley
The Cardinal - Reel - Elizabeth Zekley
The Circus Jig - Mickie Zekley MP3
Coming Home - Reel - Elizabeth Zekley MP3
Fiona's Folly - Waltz - Elizabeth Zekley MP3
Fiona's Folly Simple Version - Waltz - Elizabeth Zekley MP3
The Grim Deed - Elizabeth Zekley
Henry Gowan - Jig - Mickie Zekley MP3
Joseff McKrimmons Fancy - Jig - Elizabeth Zekley
The Juggler - Mickie Zekley MP3
Lovers Doubt - Elizabeth Zekley MP3
Marina - Mickie Zekley MP3
Mount Hood - Elizabeth Zekley
The Quandry - Reel - Elizabeth Zekley MP3
The Recovery - Mickie Zekley MP3
Smoke In The Wind - Jig - Mickie Zekley
The Timolinda Waltz - Mickie Zekley MP3
The Trickster - Waltz - Mickie Zekley
The Twisted Oak - Reel - Elizabeth Zekley MP3
A Waltz For Corwin - Mickie Zekley MP3
The Wedding Vow - Mickie & Elizabeth Zekley MP3

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I’ve owned and appreciated Richard Geisler’s music books for many years, I just figured out that the name of the Virtual Scandi camp I’m attending is the same as the one on Mr. Geisler’s picture online. What a kind person and a treasure!!!

Judy Meyers

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