About Us

Lark in the Morning storeLark in the Morning has been selling musical instruments from around the world since 1974. Founded by Mickie Zekley (read more about Mickie's adventures here), it started as a mail order company and grew to a thriving enterprise with storefronts in San Francisco, Seattle and Mendocino. Mickie and his wife Beth also started a summer music camp, Lark Camp, which now has over 600 participants and instructors from around the world each summer in the redwoods of Mendocino. 

Mickie and Beth first sold Lark in the Morning in 2002. By the end of 2010, when Mickie and Beth got the business back, all the stores had closed and the business had moved entirely online. 

In January 2017 I purchased Lark in the Morning and have moved the business to the San Francisco Bay Area, in Berkeley. Our new storefront opened in November 2017. Bay Area folks, please stop by!

-Eric Azumi


Lark's old home in Mendocino 


Meet the Lark in the Morning team!

 Eric Azumi: My first instrument was the shakuhachi sitting on Dad's shelf, but I grew up playing the saxophone in school bands. After an international career in online education, I needed a change and looked around for an interesting business to take over. Once I saw and heard the Ocean Harp and the quijadas in the warehouse, I knew that Lark in the Morning was exactly what I wanted to do.
Thorn Land: After having a wonderful time teaching First Grade for 16 years, I was excited to have the opportunity to become involved in this musical adventure called Lark in the Morning! I truly enjoy meeting and assisting all of the creative people who come to us as they travel on their musical journeys. Thorn Land
Zoë Blank When I was 11, I went to Lark in the Morning with my dad and bought my first fiddle. For years, I busked beside the old store at Fisherman's Wharf, playing Lark's instruments and reading their books when I got tired. The folks who worked there at the time told me of Bessie Brown and Reverend Gary Davis. They urged me to go to Lark Camp in Mendocino, where I realized that Lark in the Morning was not just a store, but a supportive and passionate life-long community. Today, I manage Lark in the Morning's video content and online communications. 
Kevin HughesI began playing music on recorder in 3rd grade, followed by cello, then guitar in high-school. After exposure to traditional music, I played mandolin, then fiddle, then melodeon. Eventually I succumbed to the lure of drones & reed, and took up hurdy-gurdy & bagpipes. Kevin Hughes
Alina Larson Alina Larson: Having spent much of my early childhood obsessively listening to celtic music, I happened across a Scottish Country Dance class that inspired me to really start focusing on music & dance more intensively. I continued to dance and play music while studying Psychology and Language (very good for stress relief), and I am very excited to now be working with Lark in the Morning to help spread the joy of playing music. Maybe you’ll find me in a session or dance around town!
Eric Hamilton: I've been doing repair and restoration of guitars and other various stringed instruments since I was a beginning player in the 1960’s, tinkering with my own instruments. Since deciding to go pro in the mid 1980’s I've worked for several notable businesses, including Elderly Instruments, Shar Music, J.F. Naylor Guitars (now Reverend Guitars) and Gary Brawer Guitar Repairs, to name a few. I've also operated my own private business and warranty repair center for 21 major guitar and bass manufacturers (Gibson, Fender, Taylor, Martin, etc.) and catered to music stores, school districts and private clientele, all the while maintaining a career as a performing and recording classical guitarist and teacher. I started with Lark in the Morning in 2018. Since then, my experience with repair, restoration and maintenance has grown to meet the needs of the huge variety of stringed instruments that pass through Lark’s doors. And I couldn’t be happier!
Eric Hamilton