Bird Calls

Bird Calls History

Only Brazil specializes in manufacturing these special bird calls, the factory was founded in 1903 in the city of Itapemirim in the Holy Spirit.

The son of farmers, was born in the city of Muqui, upstate, he left the field to work at the Department of Water Supply and Energy, on the Isle of Light in Cachoeiro. Through previous contacts with Indians, trappers and woodsmen got to know some kinds of principles of bird calls, and got the idea of using a small lathe to start making wooden whistles. His goal was to replace the existing whistles of bamboo with something more effective in attracting birds. Extensive testing and research, visiting the forests of various regions of Brazil, to achieve optimal fidelity sound for each sound. Such dedication has made these whistles synonymous with quality and perfection, receiving merit the "Grand Prize Centennial Exhibition in Brazil's Independence". Interest in the product grew and it became necessary to teach his children the difficult taskof making these unique whistles. The work continues to be done with the same care, handmade, art and today.

Until the 60s, these whistles were used only for hunting, even as ecology was not recognized. But because of the devastation of forests around the world, people began to think about the preservation of species. Today there is already an awareness that each each of us has to share of responsibility in preserving the environment.

Preserving the memory alive of our fauna and continue keeping the art of making these whistles is what is intended. Today the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren carry on the tradition of making these whistles and will be perpetuated by their descendants. The dream of man to integrate environment, actively participating in its preservation.


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