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Travel Tips: Flying with your Voyage-Air

Simply stated: a Voyage-Air guitar can change the way that you travel when flying on a commercialairliner. Obviously, with a Voyage-Air, you can carry your guitar with you as onboard luggage, butthere's a lot more to it than that.
The unique backpack-style case common to all Voyage-Airguitars means that you can carry the guitar on your back - leaving both hands free for other things.Finally, you can answer your cell phone at the airport without putting down your other bag!

AllVoyage-Air cases have zippered sections with storage pockets big enough for a laptop computer, musicbooks, extra strings and lots more. Now you can take your computer with you in the same padded caseas your guitar, and have it all with you as carry-on luggage. One less thing to worry about whentraveling!

In fact, many air commuters find there's enough space in the Voyage-Air case thatthey don't need to check a bag at all. If you travel light, there's room for a change of clothes andbasic travel needs. Now it's fast and easy to go through airport security!

All Voyage-Airguitars qualify as carry-on luggage, and will fit in the overhead bin of commercial airliners. Forsmaller, prop-driven �commuter planes� the overhead bins are a bit smaller: in this case, the deluxeVoyager case has a zipper-detachable section that can be removed � then it will fit in these planesjust fine. The slimmer Transit Bag cases easily fit in the overhead bins or under the seats of thesesmaller planes.

Once at your destination, Voyage-Air cases continue to be a convenience. it'samazing how much easier it is to walk through airport crowds with a backpack, rather than luggingseparate carry bags. And the Voyage-Air case sits easily at your side in the back of a taxi or abus: there's no need to waste time putting your guitar in the trunk or other storage.

Sometimes,you may need to gate-check your guitar. For example, late seating on a flight filled to capacity maymean all the overhead bins are full. In this case, you can detach the computer/storage pocket fromthe deluxe Voyager case, and gate-check just the guitar, keeping your computer and other needs withyou at your seat. The rugged, molded foam case with the guitar is up to the task as gate-checkedbaggage.

Choosing a Voyage-Air Guitar for Airline Travel

Any guitar carried for airline travel should belightweight, compact and durable. Of course the instrument should also match the musical needs andpurpose of the trip.

The Transit Series guitars fit the bill perfectly: they are compact,lightweight and very durable. They are ideal for a business trip where you�d want to take along aguitar for practice in the off hours. The supplied Transit Bag is the most compact of the Voyage-Aircases, making it easiest to fit into overhead bins, or the backseat of a taxi at your destination.

The Songwriter Series guitars are shipped with the same compact Transit Bag case as the TransitSeries guitars, and are equally compact and lightweight. The extra resonance and harmonics of theSongwriter�s Solid Spruce top make them the pick for the more discerning musician who appreciatesthe superior tone of a solid wood top. The Songwriter Series is a better choice where music is apart of the purpose of the trip: for informal gigs, music seminars, outdoor music festivals or evenperforming on stage. Since their introduction, Songwriter Series guitars have been used for stageperformances worldwide.

If music is the purpose of the trip, and only the best will do, then thePremier Series guitars are the only choice. The brilliant harmonics and sustain afforded by theirsolid wood construction make this the no-compromise solution. The fine solid tonewoods used in thePremier Series are more fragile than the engineered Mahogany used in other Voyage-Air guitars.Therefore, these guitars are supplied with the super-durable Voyager carrying case. The extra sizeand padding of the Voyager case helps protect these fine instruments during travel. It is alsoslightly larger and heavier than the other Voyage-Air cases.

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