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Jazz Guitar * 101 Jazz Guitar Licks, Riffs & Turnarounds with CD

Jazz Guitar * 101 Jazz Guitar Licks, Riffs & Turnarounds with CD


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101 Jazz Guitar Licks, Riffs & Turnarounds published by Santorella Publications is a book and CD set which teaches exactly 101 phrases played over standard jazz chord progressions in several different keys. If you currently play blues, country, folk, classical or rock, and desire to venture into jazz, this book is exactly what you need to help expand your horizons. Every Lick, Riff & Turnaround is written in standard notation & tablature including chord symbols and suggested fingerings by Larry McCabe. Each pattern is played over a "real" chord progression, so it will be easy to relate the examples in "real" music. In addition, you will experience noticeable improvement in your knowledge of the fingerboard, technical facility, harmonic vocabulary and ability to conceive and express modern musical ideas. The CD is recorded in stereo with the lead heard mainly on the right channel and the bass guitar is heard on the left. Rhythm guitar, bass and drums accompany the lead guitar. Switching the stereo balance from the right to the left channel allows you to isolate the entire rhythm section or lead guitar solo. We are certain that this Santorella collection of "dazzling jazz riffs" will bring you much musical growth and personal satisfaction. 101 Musical examples are broken into the following categories; Major Patterns (C) - Dorian Patterns (Dm7) - Mixolydian Patterns (G7) - ii-V7-I Patterns (Dm7-G7-C) - Modified ii-V7-I Patterns - Four-Bar Patterns - Eight-Bar Patterns - Bridge Patterns - Turnarounds - Appendixes; Basic Theory for the Jazz Musician - Major Scales - Dorian Scales - Mixolydian Scales.

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