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Mel Bay

Medieval and Renaissance Music for Folk Harp

Medieval and Renaissance Music for Folk Harp


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The 20 intermediate to advanced arrangements in this book invite the player on a musical-historical journey from the French trouveres to Tielman Susato. These arrangements use a variety of techniques including harmonics, pres de la table, left hand, some quick lever changes, and the full range of a 36-string harp. For historic purposes, original texts with translations accompany each of the songs as well as historic notes on genres, and short biographies on each of the composers represented.

  • Contains 20 intermediate to advanced arrangements
  • Representative of 13 composers from France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Portugal
  • Spanning the 12th century to the 16th century
  • Extensive historical notes with original texts with translations
  • Wide variety of folk harp techniques used to make each arrangement unique
  • Intermediate to advanced folk harp arrangements using a wide variety of techniques
  • Extensive historic notes and original texts with direct translations
  • Representative of 13 European composers spanning 4 centuries
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