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Ravel's Bolero for Classical Guitar

Ravel's Bolero for Classical Guitar


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Though he was accused of imitating his predecessor Debussy, Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) is seen today as a successor. One critic compared the two saying that where Debussy shimmers, Ravel glitters. This is true. Ravel's clear-cut lines are quite spectacular and set apart from Debussy's hazy contours. Bolero is the perfect example of his uniqueness. As with many masterpiece themes, Ravel's Bolero was brought to life in modern day film as the musical backdrop to the comedic classic "Ten". This award winning film featured the most glamorous model of its day, Bo Derek and co-star Dudley Moore. Guitar players can experience this French composer's brilliant use of percussive Latin nuances by learning this famous piece. This fingerstyle classic published by Santorella Publications transcribed by Jerry George, includes standard notation, tablature and suggested fingerings.

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