Media Ave Maria - Schubert for Classical Guitar

Classical guitar literature is an intricate precision-oriented area of music. What we presently consider "classical" guitar, however, actually delves into various eras including the Classical period. Santorella Publications' classical guitar sheets feature major composers representing the Baroque, Romantic, Classical and Twentieth Century periods. These pieces were not originally composed for guitar, but have been adapted by our skilled arrangers. Franz Schubert's classic edition of Ave Maria is transcribed and arranged by Jerry George. As the potential of the guitar is exploited and the technical expertise of the guitarist is tested, we find that this instrument is on par with any classical instrument in the magnitude of its repertoire and its expressive capability. This Jerry George favorite, written in standard notation & tablature, is performed at countless weddings and holiday concerts from sea to shining sea.

Ave Maria - Schubert for Classical Guitar