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Gopichand, Tenor

Gopichand, Tenor


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Approximately 25"x4-1/2". This one stringed instrument provides a range of sounds, in one long slur, by applying pressure to the side struts.

The Gopichand, also called gopiyantra or khamak, is special to Bengal. A bamboo cane is split in 2 lengthwise but kept whole at one end. The lower ends of the 2 arms are fixed to the sides of a small wooden cylinder with a skin base. A string of steel tied to a knob at one end passes through the center of the skin and the free end is attached to a peg on top of the bamboo. Both the arms are held in the left hand and alternately pressed and released, changing the pitch, while the string is simultaneously plucked with the right hand. The gopichand is used by religious mendicants for accompanying pastoral songs and is a favorite instrument of the bauls of Bengal. The instrument is used mainly as a rhythm instrument.

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