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Nash Tavewa

Tezcat (Mockingbird) Clay Whistle by Nash Tavewa

Tezcat (Mockingbird) Clay Whistle by Nash Tavewa


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Wonderful Tezcat (Mockingbird) clay whistle.   Dimensions are approximately 2 1/2 inches x 1 1/2  inches.  Each one is a handcrafted one of a kind piece.

How to Play:  Hold the whistle with both hands so that your thumbs are covering the end of the sound tubes and have both index fingers cover the finger holes.  You can mimic almost any bird call by adjusting the position of your thumbs and fingers.  It is very loud in the full-open position.  This whistle is quite responsive to breath modulations.

Nash Tavewa and his family are masters of traditional Zapotec pottery, clay flutes and whistles, and ceremonial figurines. They have descended from centuries of potters and have no reason to doubt that their ancestors were potters in pre-Columbian times.

Nash belongs to the Bene Walash (Zapotec) Culture from the Sierra North of Oaxaca, Mexico. His flute journey began as a child. As a kid, his parents made him small cane flutes, clay whistles and drums to play with. Surrounded by family artists, he learned to make his own flutes and whistles.

In 1998, he met Guillermo Martinez a renowned Native American Flute and Drum maker. For 4 years, he apprenticed under Guillermo Martinez where he learned to make Native American Flutes and Drums. Now that he has mastered the craft he is making them for you.

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