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Jubo I

Jubo I


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The Jubo is an easy-to-play sweet-sounding whistle, developed by musician Wayne Hankin. So small, you can put it in your pocket or simply wear it around your neck. Take it anywhere you want to play.

It’s all here to get you started playing successfully. This is the go-to tested method which turns you into a music maker in the shortest amount of time.

You’ll learn how to play, sightread, compose and perform quickly.

This book is geared to ages 8-12 but adults find this method helpful and accessible.


Quick Start: Learn the scale by way of JuboTab®

Introduction to Music Basics

Exercises: Quarter note, rest and how to play in 4/4 time, exercises for finger control, eight notes and rests, 3/4 time, Bb, half notes and rests and JuboTab® tricks.

How to use JuboTab®

Music pieces: Up and Down, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Scaling the Range, Frère Jacque, Au Claire de la Lune, Ode to Joy, Oh Susanna, Amazing Grace, The Teapot Song, Good King Wenceslas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Simple Gifts.

Introduction to writing your own compositions

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