Musician's Wife: The Joys

Musician's Wife: The Joys

Musician's Wife

Ahh music, uhmmm musicians, looking for your very own? Here's a few pointers from the ten year wife of a sincere, hard working musician.

First, one should be independently wealthy or at least able to take care of oneself and the beautiful children you may have.

Musicians are wonderful fathers, if not great monetary providers. Second, always tolerate music and faith in the divine love (of music) to carry you all through life at all times. Third, if he takes up the oboe, clarinet or violin; don't tell him it drives you crazy; just leave, water the garden, visit the neighbors or, do the laundry.

If you have to stay (cooking for the band he invited to dinner) ask him sweetly to please, just this once, practice outside or in the barn, but never ask again. Ahh, when he brings home a new and wonderful music partner; entertain them sweetly, then find a good book, a new craft or best of all have a mad love affair. There's plenty of time and no one will even notice.

Good luck. Anonymous, Musician's Wife


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