Tin whistles

Modern tin whistles, aka penny whistles or flageolets, have been around since the 1840's when Robert Clarke began selling them for a penny in Manchester England. Lark in the Morning offers whistles from many makers, in many keys and price ranges.

BW Whistles are designed and made one at a time by Gal Hiltch. These are our top favorites. Great clear sound, smooth play and feel wonderful in the hand.

Clarke Whistles are the original penny whistles and have been around since 1843. The original Meg whistle is still in production and remains a favorite of many players.

Chieftain Whistles are designed and made by Phil Hardy (a great whistle player himself). They are made of machined aluminum and are played by many professional musicians.

Dixon Whistles are made by Tony Dixon in the UK. They are made in a variety keys and materials, from their lower priced all-polymer whistles to their heavier brass-bodied versions.

Generation Penny whistles Generation penny whistles are made in England. Their signature plastic fipple has become accepted by traditional whistle players over the years, because of the consistency of sound compared to a wooden fipple (wood can change tone when wet). These whistle have undergone a major redesign by Brian Howard and play better than ever. You will hear these whistles on 1000's of traditional Irish recordings.

Howard Low Whistles Constructed of and aluminum body with a special plastic mouthpiece by piper and whistler Brian Howard.

Shaw Tinwhistles David Shaw makes these wonderful whistles from solid nickel silver/tin alloy with a wooden fipple block. A true conical bore. Strong tone with good intonation.

Susato Whistles Instrument maker and musician George Kelischek has designed these whistle in ABS plastic to have exceptional tone and intonation.