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Mel Bay

Legends of Country Blues Guitar Volume Two DVD

Legends of Country Blues Guitar Volume Two DVD


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The blues "rediscovery" era of the 1960s brought to concert and sound stages many veteran artists who had participated in the "Golden Age" of country blues recording prior to World War II. The best of them retained much of their youthful power and brought with them the authority of experience. While these artists have since passed on, their record legacy is enhanced by these extraordinary performance clips. The first generation of recorded Delta bluesmen--Charley Patton, Tommy Johnson, and Mississippi Sheiks--is echoed in the stark and powerful performances of Bukka White, Sam Chatmon, Big Joe Williams, Houston Stackhouse and Son House. The East Coast ragtime style is exemplified by its supreme exponent, Reverend Gary Davis, seen here in some recently discovered informal footage. Huddie Ledbetter was a tradition unto himself with his repertoire of work and "play party" songs reflecting pre-blues African-American music idioms. The extraordinary color footage of LeadBelly singing three songs, and the informal footage of him singing Goodnight Irene to his wife Martha, are a treasure for fans of this American folk giant. Collectively the performers presented here are an extraordinary group, keepers of bygone traditions whose legacies still resonate. A 16-page comprehensive booklet featuring biographical material, photographs and details on the tunes performed on this DVD may be accessed and downloaded at

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