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John Lee Hooker Rare Performances 1960-1984 DVD

John Lee Hooker Rare Performances 1960-1984 DVD


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John Lee Hooker is one of the foremost blues performers of the postwar period. He is in actuality a Mississippi country bluesman and his music has always been firmly grounded in the traditional blues of his native state. He has remained true to its fundamental principles throughout a professional career of more than five decades. Whether playing solo in 1960 or with the Muddy Waters Band in the same year or his touring bands of the late 1970s and early 1980s, John Lee Hookers genius in writing and performing magnificent emotionally potent blues can be seen in all its glory in this video collection of rare performances. This DVD has been compiled from very rare footage and we have tried to remaster this to produce the best possible results. However, the listener should approach this DVD in it's historical perspective realizing that there are imperfection in the original source material. A 25 page comprehensive booklet featuring biographical material, rare photographs and details on the tunes performed on this DVD can be accessed and downloaded from

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