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Musicmakers 17/16 Hammered Dulcimer Kit

Musicmakers 17/16 Hammered Dulcimer Kit


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Project Overview

We rate this a 4-hammer project for these reasons. 1) You need a lot of clamps to glue the box together firmly enough to withstand all the string tension, and 2) You need a good dose of patience for installing the 66 strings properly so they play in tune. We provide fully illustrated assembly instructions with the kit (or plans), and we also have video instruction for installing and tuning the strings. We can also help with troubleshooting over the phone if you have the instrument nearby when you call so we can hear the notes as you pluck the strings.

Tools you will need

Large spring clamps are very handy for assembling the box. They need to open 3" wide to reach the full thickness of the frame, and we use at least 20 of them for clamping the back and front panels. You could get by with other clamps, but you may need to pad the jaws to avoid denting the top or bottom surfaces of the box. A drill press will also be helpful for boring the holes for tuning pins and hitch pins, and it would help to fasten a good size plywood piece to your drill table to help support the large box as you drill. You could also do the drilling with a hand-held drill if you are careful and have a steady hand.

What's included:

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