Wes Montgomery: Best of Boss Guitar

Product Description

In his brief career, Wes Montgomery completely revolutionized jazz guitar. On the Riverside recording Boss Guitar Wes demonstrates why he's still considered one of the finest artists of the jazz guitar. Studies of Wes' incredible solos, his melodic, rhythmic and harmonic approaches will prove beneficial to any guitarist with an interest in jazz. It's no wonder that he has influenced so many of today's great artists, and continues to inspire the future jazz guitarists. This note-for-note guitar transcription of Wes Montgomery's legendary recording Boss Guitar contains not only the melody lines and solos, but also Wes' chord choices during organ solos. This gives you authentic transcriptions of six of the finest tunes on this record. Every single note played by Wes is transcribed in both standard and tablature notation. Includes: "The Trick Bag‚" "Fried Pies"—a beautiful interpretation of "Days of Wine and Roses—and more.

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