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Mel Bay

Jazz Cello/Bass Wizard Junior, Book 2 Book/CD Set

Jazz Cello/Bass Wizard Junior, Book 2 Book/CD Set


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Jazz Cello/Bass Wizard Junior 2 is a continuation of Jazz Cello Wizard Junior (Mel Bay, 2002) and is designed for upper middle school and high school string students. JCWjr 2 uses the same basic approach as JCWjr; students learn mainly through imitation, the same way we learn to speak our native tongue. It also introduces very easy optional chord theory but only AFTER the student has experienced improvising with chords aurally. The books come in three versions, violin, viola, and cello/bass‚ designed to be used together in studio and classroom situations. This volume introduces three basic concepts that are prerequisites to advanced jazz improvising: solo development, modes, and inner melodies - the single most potent technique to get students to improvise on advanced progressions immediately. Any student or teacher will learn to improvise independent of background. Provides all the instructions and verbiage a newcomer to jazz will need to learn or teach from the method. Includes swing, Latin, and blues styles incorporated into the lessons. The five lessons are carefully sequenced to introduce key components of improvisation. Four performance-quality pieces are included in a format that can be used with three cellos or basses, in a string orchestra or any other combination of string instruments (if used together with the other versions of the series).  Includes a CD with sample solos and exercises in addition to full rhythm section accompaniment tracks to the performance pieces.

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