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Mel Bay

Solos for Soprano Recorder, Collection 5

Solos for Soprano Recorder, Collection 5


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These American melodies sound great on a soprano recorder. They also provide excellent material for developing skills in rapid tonguing, extended breath-control, and the playing of high notes. This collection covers many kinds of music. Millions of Americans grew up singing "Attisket Atasket", "Put Your Little Foot", and "Paddywhack". Immigrants brought delights like "First Night in America" and "My Love Is in America". John Philip Sousa captured the Americana of his time in marches for all time, such as "The Fairest of the Fair", "King Cotton" and "Boy Scouts of America". All across the country, Americans sang and whistled "Nine Hundred Miles", "Gypsy Dave", and "Pie in the Sky". Although arranged primarily for soprano recorder, most of these solos can be played on tenor or alto recorder. (On the alto, use "C" fingerings.) A separate flute edition is available.

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