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Mel Bay

Contemporary Anthology of Solo Guitar Music

Contemporary Anthology of Solo Guitar Music


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This is the first compilation of guitar music specifically composed for right-hand technique that includes the little finger. The 57 compositions include original pieces in the Easy-Intermediate to Intermediate -Advanced levels by renowned guitarist/composers from Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean. Music by Ernesto Cordero, Carlos Dorado, Jim Ferguson, David Flynn, Gerald Garcia, John Hall, Ricardo Iznaola, James Lentini, John Oliver, Charles Postlewate, Mirko Schrader, Burkhard ‚ Buck‚ Wolters and Luis Zea show the advantages of a five-finger technique in the playing of scales, chords, arpeggios, tremolos and harmonics. They also show the advantages of using the little finger for speed, accuracy, strength and balance. All of these compositions are edited and fingered by Postlewate, pioneer in the use of a five-finger technique. This book is a companion to Anthology of Nineteenth Century Guitar Studies for Five Fingers of the Right Hand (MB21153), compiled and fingered by Leonhard Beck and edited by Charles Postlewate. Standard notation only. In English and Spanish. Bonus Material: Hear David Flynn performing his Four Etudes. Etude 1.mp3 | Etude 2.mp3 | Etude 3.mp3 | Etude 4.mp3 Hear John Hall performing his Four Etudes. (ordered 2,1,3 and 4 on mp3) Etudes 2134.mp3 Hear Dr. James P. Lentini performing his Four Etudes. A Song for Spring.mp3 | Summer Groove.mp3 | Fall Reflections.mp3 | A Winter Afternoon.mp3 Hear Scott Sanchez performing: Jugglin' Five | The Clown Sings Hear Lawrence del Casale performing: Estudio Boricua #1 | Meditacion

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