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Mel Bay

Francisco Tarrega: His Life and Music DVD

Francisco Tarrega: His Life and Music DVD


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Conveniently broken down into easily accessible chapters, this DVD presents detailed accounts of Tarrega's musical career and style, his historical significance as a guitarist and composer, detailed demonstrations and discussions of his guitar techniques and complete performances of 10 of his best-known works. Numerous illustrations and photographs are included throughout the presentation. The first filmed presentation dealing with this influential Spanish guitarist and composer Detailed discussion of Tarrega's musical career and style by noted scholar Graham Wade.  Detailed discussions and demonstrations of Tarrega's guitar techniques (including tremolo, glissando, ornamentation, right-hand strokes and artificial harmonics) by Stanley Yates. Complete performances by Stanley Yates of 10 of Tarrega's best-known works: Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Capricho Arabe, Alborada, Marietta, Maria, Rosita, Lagrima, Adelita, Sue, and Mazurka in G.  Filmed and directed by Brendan McCormack Now Available:

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