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Mel Bay

Beginning Saxophonist's Songbook

Beginning Saxophonist's Songbook


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The purpose of this Saxophone song book is to provide the beginning Saxophone player with a repertoire of 24 of the most familiar and beloved tunes ever written. There are several great folk songs of America and other lands. They continue to bring pleasure and knowledge as a link to the past. All the songs are written specifically for Saxophone utilizing dynamics, expression markings, and articulations. Key signatures for the songs are in a comfortable range suitable for the beginning Saxophone players. Guitar chord symbols appear above each melody; however, the chords may be played by banjo, ukulele, autoharp, and chord organ. * Note: Chord Symbols are in Concert Key. Included are: Irish Songs, Folk Songs, American Hymns, Spirituals, and Classics. This song book is an ideal supplement to any beginning Saxophone Method Book. All the songs are appropriate for performance at concerts, recitals, and contests.

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