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Mel Bay

Classic Masterpieces Made Easy for Acoustic Guitar

Classic Masterpieces Made Easy for Acoustic Guitar


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During the course of my teaching piano and guitar, I have not come across another book that took these classic masterpieces and arranged them for the beginner guitar student. There is an amazing amount of literature like this for the piano, but not for the guitar. My goal with this book is to fill this void in the guitar literature. I chose compositions that the young guitar student would most likely have heard before and thus used familiar melodies. I then made easy arrangements of them, mostly using the top four strings, simple chords and fingerings. The right hand fingering is not indicated, because I used the general rule of thumb: a = 1st string, m = 2nd string, i = 3rd string, p = 4th, 5th and 6th strings.” All 12 solos are scored in notation and tablature.

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