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Mel Bay

The Gears for Grooving on Drumset

The Gears for Grooving on Drumset


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Bill "Stuhlly" Brennenstuhl's new book "The Gears for Grooving on Drumset" encompasses all the tools a beginner-advanced drummer would need to really groove on the drums. The book ties together the rudimental motions of Down and Up strokes to help drummers feel the metronome instead of chasing it down. Each chapter starts with a technique study, then the strokes are broken down into a rudiment. Finally the student applies the motions to the drum set all the while learning to feel the timing. For the beginner this gives a solid foundation with the metronome to perfect feel and timing. For intermediate to advanced it's a good refresher study of rudiments and techniques. 1. The Rudiment section is precise enough to market to beginning rudimental snare drummers. 2. All drum set drummers of all levels can use the metronome concepts. 3. This book is first in a series that will move to more advanced players. 4. The syncopation section teaches the student to create fills out of rhythmical phrases they hear in songs. 5. A technique book for every drummer of every level who wants better timing, feel, and chops to truly enjoy playing the drums.

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