Media Harp Song - The Golden Thread

The musical journey through this book of folk harp arrangements exposes the player to music from the 12th to 20th centuries. Information about the tunes and composers, plus lyrics, stories and poems, give insight to the music and are valuable performance tools. You will enjoy music not usually found in harp repertoire that lies well on the harp with few lever changes. ‚Äö

  • Contains 43 arrangements on 84 pages
  • Traditional music from Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Canada, England
  • Contemporary composers include Roger Tallroth, Leif Garas,(Sweden), Tom Anderson, (Shetland), Alisdair Fraser, (Scotland), and Dr. John Turner, (US)
  • Spanning the 12th through 20th Century
  • Historical notes concerning the tunes and composers
  • Legends, stories, lyrics and poems

Harp Song - The Golden Thread

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