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Mel Bay

5X5 Rock: Take Off 1 Book/CD Set

5X5 Rock: Take Off 1 Book/CD Set


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This is the first of two books featuring play-along songs in a rock style and offers something completely new in several regards. The CD-R contains 5 complete songs in mp3 format, each of which has been performed at either 4 or 5 different tempos. In addition, the songs have been written in the styles of songs of your favorite bands and drummers. This means that even newcomers will be able to play along for an entire song. Advanced students simply choose their own “personal” tempo and start to groove. You are now official virtual members of your very own favorite rock band and you’ll never have to throw in the towel because a song is too fast! Once you’ve got the slowest tempo down and feel secure and at home with it, just proceed to the next faster tempo. If you practice regularly, you’ll soon be trying to play the song at its “terminal tempo”. When using the MP3s, you should copy the song of your choice from your computer to a CD. There are two versions for every tempo, one with drums and one without. the tracks including drums all come first and are then followed by the playbacks without drums. Be patient and work towards playing your part as exact, secure and groovy as possible so that you can then direct your attention more and more towards the other “players”. The inspiration that you get from them will give your playing another, decisive kick.

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