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Mel Bay

Joy of Six for Solo Piano or Keyboard Book/CD Set

Joy of Six for Solo Piano or Keyboard Book/CD Set


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In The Joy of Six, Dworsky adapts African and Afro-Cuban polyrhythms to the keyboard in a world-beat classical style. At the heart of the book are four beautiful solo pieces designed to teach different rhythms. Each piece is covered in a separate lesson, where it's broken down into bite-sized patterns that start easy and gradually get more difficult, designed to lead you step-by-step into the magical world of 6/8 time. As you work through the patterns, Dworsky will be with you every step of the way, anticipating your questions and pointing out whatever will make your journey easier. His clear writing makes rhythmic concepts easily understandable, while his conversational tone creates the feel of private lessons. And the CD that comes with the book contains a recording of every pattern and piece, making The Joy of Six a complete self-instruction package.

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