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Mel Bay

The Robert Burns Song Book Volume II

The Robert Burns Song Book Volume II


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This second volume of the songs of Scottish poet Robert Burns contains 70 songs excerpted from the chapter "The Lasses" in a larger collection of 324 Burns songs compiled and researched by Serge Hovey. It includes songs expressing the poet's "passion" for his wife Jean, and for "that other species." Robert Burns (1759-1796) spent his life collecting Scottish songs, using fragments of existing lyrics as the basis for his own poems, and wrote original lyrics for traditional melodies. Burns left for posterity about 270 poems and more than 300 songs which are usually printed without their tunes. Serge Hovey meticulously examined Burns' own sources, letters, and manuscripts to determine the origin of every tune and all the verses as well as Burns' intended match of words and music. He then arranged each song with highly imaginative and beautiful accompaniments geared for pianists with average skills. This volume is illustrated with reproductions of paintings, drawings, and prints. These volumes also contain a glossary of frequently appearing Scots words and insightful historical notes for each song.

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