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Mel Bay

Technical Development for the Clarinetist

Technical Development for the Clarinetist


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Contains scales, chords and routines which are written for the technical advancement of the intermediate-level clarinetist. The material is presented with varied articulations, meters, rhythms, and dynamics in order to enhance the experience of the clarinetist. The emphasis for most of the book is placed on materials in keys through four accidentals, using the major and minor scheme. More advanced keys and scale patterns are presented later in the book along with routines which may be used as daily warmup material. Each of the scales, chords and routines have suggested dynamic markings and breaths in order to make each item a musical experience. The stylistic content of the music in this book reflects the musical styles prevalent in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Mastery of this materials will provide the clarinetist with good technical facility to play music written before the twentieth century, and will give a good technical background for playing contemporary music.

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