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Mel Bay

Basic Guitar Strumming and Fingerpicking (Book + Online Audio)

Basic Guitar Strumming and Fingerpicking (Book + Online Audio)


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This book equips the beginner with the basic techniques necessary to succeed in the modern world of music. Numerous strumming patterns are covered, as are several fingerpicking patterns. The student will also learn the basics of chord chart reading, something that will come in handy should they ever find themselves in semi-pro or professional playing situations. This book will benefit anyone who is interested in playing current popular music, including rock, alternative, folk-rock, country & contemporary worship. Includes online access to a 75-minute audio recording with all 51 exercises from the book, to help the student with areas such as timing and the concept of playing with other musicians. The goal for the student is to play the exercises along with the audio. A must for both beginners and those desiring to improve their basic strumming and fingerpicking skills. Includes access to online audio.

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