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English Fiddle Book/CD Set

English Fiddle Book/CD Set


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Every country in Europe seems to have rediscovered its own vital tradition of fiddle music, except England ... But, English fiddle music forms an important, yet neglected, part of the mosaic of Old and New World fiddle styles. Chris Bartram has played this music for over forty years. He has learned from traditional musicians around his home communities and more widely in other parts of England and in Cornwall. He has studied the majority of the existing field recordings of older generations of players and many of the handwritten manuscripts of nineteenth century fiddlers. 'English Fiddling' contains a wide variety of traditional tunes, an essay about the history of the instrument in England and a number of archive photographs. 'English Fiddling' is intended to be a source for people who can already play the fiddle - or violin - at some level. This is not a book for the complete beginner, although a player who can play simple tunes in the first position and who can read music a little will find it helpful and instructive. The companion CD contains a selection of tunes played by Chris and some of his friends. • A unique insight into the neglected fiddle music of England. • Nearly one hundred tunes • Historical essay and illustrations • Technique and repertoire • Companion CD

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